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The Premier Midwest

Logistics Provider

TF Logistics is a 3PL specializing in all modes of transportation, trade show solutions and warehouse management.

What We Do

As supply chain professionals, TF Logistics provides a suite of safe, secure, and trusted services. Combining the support structure of our transportation services with the storage and organization abilities within our warehouses ensures all the customer support needs you have will be met. 

The technology of logistics is here, and we are trained in it. Take advantage of our unique ability to mix modern technological tracking and storage solutions with our expert team of employees who care for your goods from start to finish. Smart warehousing with our WMS system is only one component.

TF Logistics focuses on the world we serve today, and how to adapt to the unexpected demands of the future. Our agility provides our customer’s flexibility. Scale our services to your level of need and pivot to meet the demand of your business.


Our entire organization is experienced, well trained, and laser-focused on end-to-end 3PL.


Moving forward in technology, we constantly strive to improve and anticipate growing our industry. 


Our entirely flexible system means that you can change the dynamic at the speed of business. 

Our Services

Timely transportation and logistics with consistent communication.
Efficient storage and handling of your goods and materials.
Trade Show logistics solutions to help you maximize your event.
On Time