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Trade Show Logistics

Coordination and planning trade show events require meticulous documentation and attention to detail.  Having a trusted partner for receiving, storage, and transportation of your booth and associated materials is an important source of support and peace of mind.  

TF Logistics handles both short and long-term storage of trade show materials, with the flexibility to receive exhibit materials and booths in advance, streamlined cartage and trailer shuttle services, and transportation of materials to home base or future event spaces. Don’t have any shows scheduled for a while? We can also store your exhibit materials safely over the long term.

We know the fantastic Indianapolis Convention Center like the backs of our hands.  Our warehouses have full access and established routes.  Our team members are here to help you. Come, let us share it with you.

Whether for a few days or something long term, our storage options are sure to fit into your need.

Trade show items and booths can be received in advance and stored, then delivered for your use when needed. We inspect for damages and reweigh every shipment prior to loading on the trailer for delivery to show site.

We can help effectively help with the comings and goings, leading up to, during, and after your event.

Everything needed for your trade show where you need it, when you need it. 

TF Logistics Trade Show

TF Logistics Can Help With Your Trade Show Needs