Asset Based Transportation

What does our 3PL offer that others don’t?

Our expertise in the industry, coupled with specialized services and transportation optimization can solve single point or supply chain problems, streamlining your freight services needs.  Utilizing our flexible and accessible routes, you can choose full truckloads, Less than Truckloads (LTL), and flatbed or temperature-controlled options at a variety of price points.  

We will coordinate and track your shipping needs from end-to-end.  Trust our asset-based fleet and experienced drivers with your supply chain.

As a fully Asset-Based company, our fleet, warehouse, and other resources are functionally adaptable and can be adjusted easily based on current needs.  You pay for what you use when you use it, with no need to reserve space you won’t use for months. This flexibility makes our event services particularly inviting, as it will improve your supply chain efficiency.  

When you have a lot to move, our fully asset based fleet is there to serve your needs.

Shared space within our trucks make transporting smaller loads easy and efficient. LTL provides flexibility to your supply chain. With access to our network, you more freight when and where you need it. We can help your increase efficiency and improve profitability whenever you need it.

✓ Transport Small Shipments
✓ Cost-Effective with More Options
✓ Faster Delivery Time
✓ Reach Limited Access Areas
✓ First and Final Mile Services
✓ Provide your customers with more diverse delivery choices
✓ No longer pay for unused cargo space

How Our LTL Services Can Help
✓ Transport Freight Less than a Full Truckload
✓ Transport Large and Bulky Items
✓ Palletized or Crated Shipments
✓ Reach Limited Access Areas
✓ Transport Time and Temperature Sensitive Freight

We deliver your items quickly, on time, and intact.  Get it there faster with Expedited Truckloads.

Save a little money if you have extra time! Our multi-stop routes offer that flexibility.

We have provided expert spotting, shuttle, and yard management services to the shipping industry, managing trailers from spot to dock and back again safely and efficiently. 

Our freight brokerage adds an extra layer of agility and scalability to your supply-chain. With access to our network, you have access to unlimited capacity.  

✓ We are experienced in supply chain management, including transportation and warehousing. We’ll utilize our real-world expertise and industry best practices to ensure smooth a smooth operation.  

✓ We have developed relationships with a network of qualified carriers in every mode of commercial transportation. 

✓ We utilize the latest technology to maintain consistent communication with our carrier partners. 

✓ We provide flexible capacity to use when you need, that you can scale down when you don’t. 

✓ We can save you money. With our experience, network, communication, and scalable capacity we can streamline your logistics needs and save you money. 

We provide reliable and secure trailer parking services 24/7.

When the truck won’t get it there fast enough – air freight is an option with TF Logistics.

Flexible transport options for items that need extra care in handling like flatbed, temperature controlled, or specialized service.

Our shipments aren’t limited to the large or the frequent.  Small packages are just as welcome! We can manage your UPS & FedEx accounts. We can even help get you a discount on your small parcel shipping.

We can also help with carrier management.

  • Sourcing 
  • Contracting
  • Rate Negotiation
  • Settlement
  • Invoice Audit & Payment
  • Claim Processing
  • Track and Trace
TF Logistics Truck

TF Logistics Can Help With Your Transportation Needs