Scaleable Warehouse Solutions

TF Logistics is proud to have a 200,000 square foot warehouse with a comprehensive Warehouse Management System (WMS), making the storage and retrieval of your items seamless and flexible. Whether you need a short storage period or more long-term, your items are secure and accessible at all times, with easy access to Interstate transportation routes and Indianapolis International Airport – for when you need to get it there.

Reduce your labor costs, save time on shipping and receiving, and reduce need for storage space or costs by cross-docking. We provide a multitude of services in this arena, and as a result we can adjust to our clients’ current needs or change to suit their needs in the moment.

Item level handling and scaleable services mean your orders, no matter how large or small, will be handled with the same attention and trained, professional service. Our ability to pivot really shines here; your storage needs during peak exhibition season may be different from your needs when business is slower. Your needs change; we adapt for you.

Comprehensive electronic records management keeps items trackable and secure.

We provide a turn key, hands off solution for managing your inventory including consolidation and sorting.

Cross docking is a creative way to manage a range of logistics issues. It’s a great tool for optimizing inventory management and reducing warehouse waste. 

Here are some of the most common reasons to use cross docking services.

✓ Your Shipment is Time Sensitive
✓ Your Delivery is Early or Late
✓ Your Shipment is Arriving on a Container
✓ You have Mixed Freight on a Trailer
✓ Your Load is Overweight
✓ You have Loads Coming from Multiple Vendors
✓ You’re using Intermodal Transport
✓ Your Shipment is Temperature-Sensitive

Adapt the space to your current needs, whether you require frequent storage and access or minimal.

Your inventory and warehouse space are always safe.


TF Logistics Can Help With Your Warehouse Needs